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    Matcha, Taste Enhancer and Appetite Supressant

    Update June 25, 2013: I’ve found a much cheaper source of Matcha from Amazon and it’s just as good if not better than my previous source.

    Matcha is …

  • neurons51

    Nootropics (Noopept), Enhancing Your Mind

    I’ve been trying out a variety of nootropics in my Soylent and I’m ready to say that the difference in mental acuity when drinking Soylent with nootropics is …

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    The Beginner’s DIY Soylent Recipe (New and Improved)

    Many of you have offered great suggestions to improve the Poor Man’s Soylent Recipe and furthermore Rob has made changes to his recipe based on his 3 months experience …

  • HumanBrain

    Choline-The Essential Nutrient that Original Soylent was Missing

    Although Rob has already addressed this, it’s important for anybody following the Original Recipe in his blog post to remember to add Choline to your Soylent recipe.

    Major Benefits …

  • soy

    The SOYlent Recipe

    It’s about time we have a recipe that puts the Soy back in Soylent! This blog post is going to go over a recipe that utilizes soya milk to …