Choline-The Essential Nutrient that Original Soylent was Missing

Although Rob has already addressed this, it’s important for anybody following the Original Recipe in his blog post to remember to add Choline to your Soylent recipe.

Major Benefits of Choline


1. Used in the synthesis of a major membrane component phosphatidylcholine

2. Choline deficiency may cause liver disease, ahterosclerosis and other neurological disorders.

3. Is a chemical precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is involved in various cognition systems in your brain such as memory, mood and intelligence.

Some of the symptoms of choline deficiency are liver dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and kidney failure, so remember choline!

How much Choline do you need?

Age Daily AI
Infants 0-6 mos 125 mg.
7-12 mos 150 mg
Children 1-3 yrs 200 mg
4-8 yrs 250 mg
Boys 9-13 yrs 375 mg
14-18 yrs 550 mg
Girls 9-13 yrs 375 mg
14-18 yrs 440 mg
Men 550 mg
Women 425 mg
Pregnant 450 mg
Lactating 550 mg

Refer to this chart to find out how much choline you need a day but on average you need around 500 mg a day with 3500 mg a day being the upper limit before you start seeing side effects like diarrhea, low blood pressure and worst of all a fishy body odor!

Where to get Choline


Choline is relatively cheap, from you can purchase Nature’s Way Choline 500mg for $9.89, which contains 100 tablets. Assuming you take 1 tablet a day, this will last you 100 days (ain’t that math hard!). The monthly cost of choline is $2.97 which I have added to the Poor Man’s Recipe.


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    You should add facebook/google+/etc integration so I can be lazy and just click like or +1 instead of typing a comment saying that I appreciate you starting this site and I hope it grows consistently over time.

    • SoylentAdmin says:

      That’s a good idea thanks, I’ll be writing more articles once all my exams are done this week so stay tuned!

  2. Kevin says:

    There is a publically editable doc that has a lot of recipe related information

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