Nootropics (Noopept), Enhancing Your Mind


I’ve been trying out a variety of nootropics in my Soylent and I’m ready to say that the difference in mental acuity when drinking Soylent with nootropics is tremendous, specifically noopept. The only main complication with adding nootropics to your Soylent is the extremely bitter taste which can make your Soylent much less palatable. I worked around this by adding chocolate syrup to my recipe, some other possible additions are cinnamon or vanilla.

Experiences with Noopept

I noticed a few things while drinking Soylent with noopept, and although this is all anecdotal I implore you to scour the web  and you’ll discover that many other people have similar experiences with Noopept. The first 2 days of Noopept went by normally with no significant changes in my cognitive function or work behaviour. However, after the third day I began to notice that coding (I should add that I work as a software engineer) became a lot more fluid, requiring less mental stalls where I would lose my train of thought and have to retrace my steps to recall what I had to do. Furthermore,  I realized that the amount of work that I accomplished in a week, which was measured by lines of code, was ~31% more than I previously averaged. Although this may be a poor measurement of actual work, I feel as though I had a greater understanding of my work after it was done. The second change that I noticed was that I had a considerable loss in appetite which I believe is the perfect companion for Soylent. Days where I would normally be hungry by noon were a thing of a past and sudden cravings for Soylent vanished. This may have been my body adapting to Soylent but I believe that noopept had a strong influence on this.

Major Benefits

  • Increase in cognitive function (faster recall, better memory, etc)
  • Loss in Appetite

Where to Buy


The great thing about Noopept is that it’s relatively cheap compared to the other ingredients in Soylent. I purchased 10 g of Noopept from Amazon here. The serving size of Noopept that I used was 30mg, which means that 10 g will last you 333 days and the daily cost is only $0.15 which makes it one of the cheapest ingredients in Soylent.

Here is a Google doc of the Beginners recipe with the Noopept included:

I strongly suggest this as an addition to your Soylent recipe, I’d love to hear your experience with this in the comments below!



  1. Sam says:

    What’s in Noopept?

  2. Kyle says:

    Its a single compound. More specifically a short chain polypeptide (only 3 links long)

  3. Kate says:

    I just wish it could be bought or shipped into my country… :(

    For those of you who can access this stuff, a good overview on the scientific literature out there on Noopept (and several comparisons to piracetam) can be found at

    Everything from basic molecular structure to rat brain neurotransmitters to the few human studies that have been done. Hope this helps for any interested people. Ahh, I’m jealous.

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