The Poor Man’s Recipe

soylent shake

Thinking about starting a Soylent diet but not sure how to get the cheapest ingredients? This blog will go over the Poor Man’s Recipe, perfect for college students or anybody that wants to save money on Soylent! The total cost of a monthly supply of Poor Man’s Soylent is $104.61 or ~$3.40 per day. Compared to the average price of eating out of $10, the Poor Man’s Soylent is the perfect meal plan to save money and feel a lot healthier.

Serious Mass, seriously easy!

One of the simplest recipes in terms of the number of items that needs to be ordered uses Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass as the starting ingredient. This single ingredient which goes for $46 for 12 pounds contains 50 grams of protein, 250 grams of carbohydrates and vitamins. 250 grams may be too much for some which is why I suggest adding 50 grams of whey protein powder to this and the amount of vitamins is negligible so adding liquid multivitamins to the recipe would be a good idea! Best of all it comes in 5 different flavors, Strawberry, Chocolate, Rich Chocolate, Banana and Vanilla. 1 serving of this a day will provide you with 1250 calories and this isn’t even counting the fat that we need to add. A 12 pound tub of this will give you 18 servings so purchase two if you want a monthly supply of Serious Mass. If you plan on eating solid food occasionally such as on weekends (which I strongly suggest), 1 tub of Serious Mass will suffice for a month.

MONTHLY SUPPLY = $69 (1.5 tubs) with FREE SHIPPING

Vitamins and more vitamins!

I would suggest Nature’s Way Alive! Liquid which costs $19.09 for 30 ounces.

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Add one ounce of Alive! to get your 200% of your DV for Vitamin A, 833% of Vitamin C, 100% of Vitamin D, 667% of Vitamin E, 100% of Vitamin K, 3333% of Vitamin B12, 100% for Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Molybdenum and 200% for Manganese. However, Alive! lacks in a few key nutrients, Potassium, Iron and Calcium.

MONTHLY SUPPLY=$19.09 with FREE Shipping as long as you order over $25

Potassium, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus

As you can see, the main micro nutrients still lacking are Potassium (for mental health), Iron (hemoglobin) and Calcium(healthy bones).

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The NOW Potassium Gluconate ($14.10) contains 540mg of potassium per teaspoon, so add 2-3 teaspoons and this should last about a 2 months. Be careful when adding potassium though as it is extremely easy to overdose on potassium. DO NOT add more than 6 teaspoons of potassium.


The NOW Foods IRON supplements ($7.56) contains 120 tablets which contains 18 mg of Iron, take one a day and this will last for ~4 months.


The NOW Calcium and Magnesium tablets($6.76) will provide you with Calcium and Magnesium and with 100 tablets, this will last for ~3 months.


The Swanson Monosodium Phosphate ($7.99) contains 113 grams of Monosodium phosphate, take 1-2 gram a day and this will last for 2-3 months.



The simplest solution to obtaining your fat is to use olive oil, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil for ~28 grams of fat. This will be much easier to purchase at your local grocery store for ~$7 for a bottle of 30 oz. As 1 oz is 2 tablespoons, this is your monthly supply of fat.


I found this on Amazon for $18.99, although I would strongly suggest purchasing your olive oil from a store.




Choline is relatively cheap, from you can purchase Nature's Way Choline 500mg for $9.89, which contains 100 tablets. Assuming you take 1 tablet a day, this will last you 100 days (ain't that math hard!). The monthly cost of choline is $2.97 which I have added to the Poor Man's Recipe. Check out  this article as to why you need choline.


Summary of Poor Man's Recipe

1. 1 oz of Alive! Multivitamins, provides you with 200% of your DV for Vitamin A, 833% of Vitamin C, 100% of Vitamin D, 667% of Vitamin E, 100% of Vitamin K, 3333% of Vitamin B12, 100% for Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Molybdenum and 200% for Manganese.- $19.09

2. 1 cup of Serious Mass, provides you with 250 g of carbohydrates and 50 grams of protein and 4 grams of fibre-$69 for 1 1/2 tubs

3. 2-3 teaspoons of NOW Potassium Gluconate provides you with ~1500 mg of potassium-$7.05

4. Take 1 per day of NOW Iron Supplements for 18 mg of Iron-$1.89

5. Take 1 per day of NOW Calcium and Magnesium-$2.25

6. Add 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil-$7

7. Add 1-2 g of Swanson Monosodium Phosphate -$2.12

8. Take 1 tablet per day, Nature's Way Choline 500mg - $2.97

Total: $111.37 for a monthly supply of Poor Man's Soylent!

If any of you have tried this or if you have any suggestions to add to the recipe, please leave a comment!


EDIT APRIL 20, 2013: Based on Cameron's suggestion in the comments, I added phosphorus to the recipe which only increased the monthly cost by $2.12

EDIT APRIL 21, 2013: Based on Tony's suggestion in the comments, I've changed the Iron Supplement to one that contains 18mg.





  1. Tom says:

    good idea for a first post, i’d really like to try out the serious mass would make things a lot easier

  2. Cameron says:

    Looks like it’s missing Phosphorous.

  3. lep says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! just ordered 2 serious mass 12 lbs, hopefully the banana flavour tastes good..

  4. Josie says:

    Do you really thing the green logo is a good idea? If you want to be taken seriously, I would recommend changing it.

    • SoylentAdmin says:

      The name Soylent is based from Make Room! Make Room! which was originally not made of humans as shown in the movie but made of soya and lentils. Of course most people are going to associate it with the Soylent from the movie, but the name has stuck and having a green logo is just to poke fun at the idea. We can’t always take ourselves seriously, and I doubt most people truly think it’s made of people.

      • Josie says:

        Sorry, I should probably clarify. I don’t mean that people will assume that Soylent is made of people, but that they’ll come to the site, have a laugh, and leave. Soylent is actually a reasonable meal replacement, however, and with the nutritional issues faced around the world it is a useful supplement. I just hope that people who come here looking for actual solutions don’t assume it’s a big joke and get turned off of the idea.

        • SoylentAdmin says:

          Yah I see your point now :P , going to change to logo soon…going to write some more articles/recipes in a couple of days so stay tuned!

          EDIT: Just added the new logo but I warn you…I’m no artist (it’s a measuring cup kinda)

      • Kevin says:

        If you read the book it’s described there as an awful product as well. “The soylent steaks were sitting like lead in his stomach and twice he had to go back to the dark and miserable toilet in the rear of the building.”

        I really do think Soylent was one of the worst possible names he could have chosen

        • SoylentAdmin says:

          Good point, I’m considering changing the logo…not sure what to change it to yet. I guess anything not green eh?

  5. Dennis says:

    Do you only take 1 serving of this per day? What do you do for rest of meals?

    • SoylentAdmin says:

      You can, but the monthly cost is assuming 3 servings or ~2000 calories which should be enough calories for the average person.

  6. unafraid of grams says:

    Sorry if I seem rude, but you really should be publishing your soylent recipes using weight measurements not volume. It would be much more accurate and so, safer and allow people to more easily adjust the recipes to suit their own requirements. If a person can’t handle grams, they probably shouldn’t be tinkering with dietary chemistry.

    • SoylentAdmin says:

      Thanks for the input, I’ll make an edit to this post after Friday (got a few exams, then I’ve got a bunch of ideas for articles to write!)

  7. alexgmcm says:

    No zinc?

    Also where is the fibre content? And with a purely liquid form how can one ensure that sufficient amounts of the nutrients are absorbed in the intestine as it will pass through faster. And lack of chewing long-term could lead to bone remodelling and atrophy of the jaw although you do suggest to eat solid food as well.

    It’d be cool if the issues could be resolved as I think this could allow a relatively cheap and convenient meal replacement, but not a whole diet due to some unresolvable issues, but still if one could save money and effort by using this to replace some meals it would be awesome.

    • SoylentAdmin says:

      Hey alex, the Alive! multivitamin gives you your zinc. But I agree that there is an insufficient amount of fiber if you’re only drinking this. I made a new recipe, The Beginner’s Recipe which addresses some of these issues.

  8. I tried to create a site to calculate cost of soylent and used this as a base.

  9. Derp says:

    “A 12 pound tub of this will give you 18 servings so purchase two if you want a monthly supply of Serious Mass.”

    At three servings a day would this not be more?

    Do you make the drink in the morning and just drink it throughout the day or split it into three? I’m not sure…


    • SoylentAdmin says:

      3 servings of Serious Mass a day would be a bit much since each serving contains 1250 calories, so you’d be looking at 3750 calories just from the Serious Mass. I’d recommend making 1 1/2 to 2 servings and drinking it throughout the day. If you want something more nutritious take a look at the Beginner’s Recipe that I just posted up. The Poor Man’s recipe is sacrificing a lot of key ingredients to reduce cost.

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