What is Soylent?

So, what is Soylent? In short, Soylent is intended to become a drink or shake that contains all the nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates and other macro and micronutrients) that the human body needs to sustain itself in a healthy manner. Most of the time, our normal diets just aren’t getting us the right amount of nutrients and that can have a tremendous impact on our daily lives (mentally and physically).

For example, a lack in potassium or choline (both important nutrients in neurological functions) might be impacting your social life greatly either in your workplace or at school. So why not ensure that your body receives the proper nutrients to function to it’s fullest? Watch this video to gain a better idea of what Soylent is:





To learn more about creating Soylent yourself, check out some of the current recipes:

Beginner’s DIY Recipe

Poor Man’s Recipe

SOYlent Recipe

A breakdown of Rob Rhinehart’s Soylent Recipe can be found here.

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  1. Philip Lee says:

    As a body builder, essentially your just eating a ton of supplements. In my experience of changing my body and gaining strength, I dont believe supplements will come anywhere near as useful as food. The body only absorbs so much supplements in comparison to food.

    Try working out hard and only intakeing protein supplements. Then try doing same but eating a ton of chicken. Youll notice your body grow and change a lot more from real food.

    Itd be nice if this works great, but Im quite skeptical.

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